Jennifer Wong

Technology Development Coordinator

Jennifer Wong is the Technology Development Coordinator at the National Institute of Mental Health’s Technology Transfer Office, where she manages agreements facilitating collaborations, clinical trials, exchange of materials as well as patenting, licensing, and marketing for the Institute.  Previously, Ms. Wong was an Acting Chief and Senior Patenting and Licensing Manager of the Cancer Branch at the NIH’s Office of Technology Transfer (OTT).  She spearheaded OTT’s involvement in two national business plan and start-up competitions that focused on the breast cancer and neuroscience diagnostics and therapeutics.  Ms. Wong served as a project manager for the expansion of NIH’s SBIR-Technology Transfer Program, initiated in response to President Obama’s directive to accelerate technology transfer and the commercialization of federal research.  Additionally, she is a guest lecturer at the NIH’s Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences Graduate School teaching patent law and patent prosecution strategy.  Prior to joining the NIH, Ms. Wong was a patent examiner at the US Patent & Trademark Office, where she examined biotechnology patent applications, and has worked in the biotechnology industry.  Ms. Wong received a M.S. from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. from Macalester College.

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Partnering with the NIH – Technology Transfer

De LaSalle Room

Improving and expanding a company’s portfolio is essential to maintaining its competitive edge. Partnering with the NIH can de-risk a company’s investment in commercializing a technology by providing a key “missing piece” in a product’s development. Benefits of collaborating with the NIH can include access to cutting-edge expertise, such as top scientists in many biomedical […]